The Oceanarium in Bournemouth is a captivating marine aquarium located on the town’s stunning beachfront. It offers visitors an immersive journey through various marine habitats from around the world. Highlights include the Great Barrier Reef exhibit, showcasing vibrant coral and exotic fish, and the stunning Underwater Tunnel, where you can walk through a glass tunnel surrounded by sharks, rays, and other marine life.

Interactive exhibits, such as the Global Meltdown display, educate visitors on the impacts of climate change on oceans. The Oceanarium also features a Penguin Beach Encounter, where Humboldt penguins can be observed both above and below the water. Daily feeding sessions and talks provide additional insights into the lives of these fascinating creatures.

With its engaging and educational exhibits, the Oceanarium is a perfect destination for families, marine enthusiasts, and anyone looking to explore the wonders of the underwater world in Bournemouth.

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