Gunnislake, a charming village in Cornwall, sits on the banks of the River Tamar and offers a wealth of history and natural beauty for visitors to explore.

It’s history is deeply intertwined with the mining industry. The village thrived during the 19th century due to the rich deposits of copper, tin, and arsenic found in the area. The mining boom brought prosperity and growth, leaving a legacy of industrial heritage that can still be seen today. The Gunnislake Clitters Mine, now a scheduled monument, is a testament to this period, with its remains providing a fascinating glimpse into the past. Gunnislake Newbridge is worth a visit and is an historic spanning the Tamar and a fine example of medieval engineering. Walking across the bridge offers scenic views of the river and surrounding countryside.

The Tamar Trails Centre provides an excellent starting point for exploring the area’s mining heritage. With numerous walking and cycling trails, visitors can discover the remnants of old mines, engine houses, and other industrial relics scattered throughout the landscape. The trails also offer stunning views and opportunities for wildlife spotting.

Gunnislake is surrounded by natural beauty, with plenty of walking trails that showcase the area’s flora and fauna. The Tamar Valley AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) offers well-marked paths through woodlands, along rivers, and up to vantage points with panoramic views.

After a day of exploring, visitors can relax in one of Gunnislake’s welcoming pubs or cafes. The village offers several traditional Cornish pubs where you can enjoy local ales and hearty meals, often with a friendly, community atmosphere.

Gunnislake hosts various local events throughout the year, including the Gunnislake Festival, which features live music, crafts, and activities that celebrate the village’s community spirit and heritage.


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