Bere Ferrers Station was originally opened in 1890 by the Plymouth, Devonport and South Western Junction Railway. It became an essential part of the network, facilitating the transport of goods and passengers between Devon and Cornwall. The station’s historical importance is highlighted by its well-preserved Victorian architecture and its continued use as part of the Tamar Valley Line, which offers scenic journeys through the beautiful Tamar Valley.

The Heritage Centre, situated within the station, is a treasure trove of railway memorabilia and artifacts. Visitors can explore a range of exhibits that include vintage signage, photographs, a yard crane, turntable, pump trolley, Guards Van and other railway paraphernalia. These displays provide fascinating insights into the daily operations of the railway and the lives of the people who worked and travelled on it.

One of the highlights of the Heritage Centre is the restored signal box. This meticulously preserved structure gives visitors a hands-on experience of how signals and points were operated in the days before modern automation. Knowledgeable volunteers are often on hand to explain the workings of the signal box and share anecdotes about the station’s history. The Tamar Belle is part of the Heritage Centre and is a former London Midland Scottish 12-wheeled sleeping carriage, dating back to the 1950s and has been converted to provide displays, including a children’s activity centre. It also provides accommodation for a holiday stay as well as dining options!

The Heritage Centre hosts various events throughout the year, including themed railway days, educational workshops, and community gatherings. These events often feature vintage train rides, interactive displays, and activities for all ages, making them a great way to engage with the local history and culture.

Bere Ferrers Railway Station Heritage Centre offers a delightful and educational experience for railway enthusiasts, history buffs, and families alike. Its blend of historical exhibits, hands-on activities, and scenic train journeys make it a unique and memorable destination.

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