18, Cambridge to St Neots

A fabulous journey of treasures, including a globally renowned University City, sumptuous villages and a marvellous market town!


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1 hour 14 minutes

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Cambridge Drummer Street Bus Station (Stand 5)

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St. Neots was once home to the largest pike ever caught in Britain. The colossal fish, known as the "Great Barford Pike" weighed a whopping 46 pounds and 11 ounces. This record-breaking catch was made by Mr. G.E.B. Skues in the Great Ouse River in 1934.

Journey Overview

An iconic world famous city, charming villages with thatched cottages galore and a fabulous market town – Cambridge to St. Neots on the 18 bus from Whippet is an action-packed, enthralling experience that combines University heritage and culture with retail delights and classic East of England scenery – all in an hour and 14 minutes!

The bus starts at Drummer Bus Station which is in the heart of Cambridge, nestled within a lovely parkland setting where the blossom trees flourish in Spring and aside of boutique shops and fab upmarket restaurants and coffee bars. Regency style architecture is passed as the bus makes its way from this glorious City. There’s a glimpse of the Ferris Wheel in the green space that’s Parkers Piece. In 1848, students at Cambridge University gathered on Parker’s Piece, to codify a standard set of regulations for playing football. What makes this fact particularly obscure is that while the Cambridge Rules predate the more widely recognized Football Association (FA) rules, they eventually laid the groundwork for the modern game of football. The Cambridge Rules included innovations such as the ban on carrying the ball and the introduction of the goal-kick, corner-kick, and throw-in, shaping the sport into its recognizable form.

The bus continues on its way alongside independent shops either side of the road as the outskirts beckon and fascinating places, such as The Polar Museum on the left of the bus. A fabulous cricket pitch in Newnham Road is an appealing sight from the bus window, particularly its ornate Pavilion and then, also on the left, the pretty St Marks Newnham Church.

The lawns at Downing College Sports Ground are so perfectly manicured they look like velvet and very soon the picturesque village of Grantchester is traversed and the grandiouse North End House as well as the delightful Blue Bull pub and then the Rupert Brooke Kitchen Bar and Terrace, which has an enticingly stylish appeal as the bus goes past it. Grantchester is a real treat, with its thatched roof cottages and a lovely bus stop where children have painted a picture of a Whippet Bus and put it in the frame! Glorious!

There are very soon, fields either side of the road with well-trimmed hedges and a pond in the centre of the quaint village of Barton – oh and more thatched cottages too! Watch out for “Positive Paws Dog Training” on the right of the bus as Comberton approaches, which comprises of farmyards and pretty bungalows. Not much further and – you guessed it – more thatched cottages, but also pastel cottages and a very nice aqua one too, as well as pond in West Street with ducks waddling around – close to the bus stop!

Hustle and bustle emerges if it’s school drop off or pick up time as the bus cuts into Comberton College, but serenity reigns supreme not long after as Cambridge Meridien Golf Club awaits and it’s smooth looking greens and challenging fairways. All Saints and St. Andrews churches add in some heritage and wonderful architecture and another pond, this time by South Sea House.

The bus is now going up and down gentle slopes through Bourn – with another thatched cottage and past a lovely red-bricked house built in 1887. A lake emerges before the landscape is one of contrasts with a modern, but well designed housing development set within country parkland with St. Neots approaching and it’s fast links to Peterborough, London and the South by train (the railway station is 7 minutes walk from the bus stop) and of course its own attraction as a thriving market town, dating back over 1000 years to the medieval Priory of St. Neot. This really has been a wonderful journey with varied scenery from the window, always fascinating and never dull, top and tailed by two vibrant and historic destinations.

A Fab Day Out!

Before boarding the bus, it’s worth getting a real glimpse of the incredible Cambridge and being immersed in the culture and vibe. Maybe visit the  King’s College or Trinity College to soak up the academic atmosphere, admiring their historic buildings and tranquil courtyards. Stroll along the picturesque backs of the River Cam, passing by the renowned Bridge of Sighs.

Wander through the bustling streets, where you can explore the vibrant market square, browse local boutiques, and sample delicious treats from artisanal food stalls. Don’t miss the chance to marvel at the grandeur of the Fitzwilliam Museum, housing a remarkable collection of art and antiquities. For a moment of serenity, escape to the peaceful Botanic Garden, or enjoy a leisurely punt along the River Cam – maybe even a picnic in the green land next to the Bus Station, known as Christ’s Pieces.

As the bus departs Cambridge, your first stop is Grantchester, a quaint village renowned for its idyllic riverside setting and connections to literary figures like Rupert Brooke and Virginia Woolf. Enjoy a bite to eat or pint at the Blue Bull pub perhaps or a languid walk along the River Cam.

Continuing on the route, the bus takes you through Barton and Comberton, where you can admire the rustic countryside scenery and charming village architecture. Make a brief stop in Toft to explore its tranquil atmosphere and perhaps visit the Schoolroom coffee shop situated in The People’s Hall – there’s also a lovely paved garden outside. This great place is by volunteers and if you have small children, it runs ‘Funtime for Little Ones’ from 10:30 on Wednesdays with songs, rhymes and stories regaled!

Next, the journey leads you through Kingston and Bourn, two more charming villages steeped in history and surrounded by lush greenery. Take a moment to explore their winding lanes and historic landmarks, such as Kingston’s picturesque church or Bourn’s quaint village square.

As you approach Cambourne, revel in its modern amenities and vibrant community atmosphere. Grab a quick lunch at one of the local eateries before hopping back on the bus for the final stretch of your journey to St. Neots.

Arriving in St. Neots, take some time to explore its historic market town charm, with its ancient streets, market square, and riverside promenade. Visit the St. Neots Museum to delve into the town’s fascinating heritage before winding down your day with a scenic walk along the River Great Ouse. Don’t miss the opportunity to admire the town’s historic landmarks, such as the medieval St. Mary’s Church and the Victorian-era Riverside Park. For nature lovers, a visit to Paxton Pits Nature Reserve provides the chance to spot a variety of wildlife amid beautiful wetland habitats and scenic walking trails.

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